Chapter 17: Truman Catches Feelings

He got a troubling feeling in his stomach that went beyond starvation. Deep down (actually, not all that deep at all), he knew that it was because he was single, and so was she, certainly, with that attitude. Continue reading Chapter 17: Truman Catches Feelings


Talk Nerdy to Me

An assignment for class; a personal essay about happiness that was supposed to be a response to Zadie Smith’s Joy. There are a couple lines that pertain specifically to the fact that I wrote this for that class, so keep that in mind for optimal reading.

I got a thumbs-up for writing about being a nerd without mentioning Star Wars once.

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Chapter 16: Truman Meets a Turtle

“You know that creature these brutes have been killing people for? Well, it’s a god, and I am here to save it.”

“That makes you not only crazy but stupid, then. First off: a god? Do you know how nuts you sound? Second, the guys in charge of this fortress will catch you and skin you alive once they find you. And they will find you. I mean, I can already tell you’re bad at this.” She paused. “Seriously, what in the hell are you doing in here? Are you villagers? We said to stay put!” Continue reading Chapter 16: Truman Meets a Turtle

Chapter 15: Truman Lies to Hundreds of People

Bodies shoved closer to the door. Truman paused before opening it. “Listen,” he told the prisoners, moving his head back and forth so they knew he was speaking to all of them. “We can’t set you all free. It would be a massacre, between you stomping on each other to get to freedom and the guards shooting, spearing, shanking, kniving and however else slaying you. For now, I just need to set my companions free.” He would let Lionel deal with the prisoners once he was found. Continue reading Chapter 15: Truman Lies to Hundreds of People